For decades, The Haggard Law Firm has represented crime victims of horrible tragedies.  However, to watch the 8 minutes and 46 seconds of George Floyd’s murder while in police custody is something that has forever changed all of us once again

It is hard to fathom that this injustice was committed by a law enforcement officer who has sworn an oath to protect us.  It is yet another case that adds to generations of painful memories and unfair treatment of Black Americans in our society. It is clear, once again, that we have not come very far in this battle to treat everyone equal.  We have to do more as a society, as a people, and as a nation if we ever want this democracy to stand for what we say it stands for – – All Men Are Created Equal!

While we have fought for justice for thousands of clients throughout the courts of our nation, this fight may be one that ultimately defines the soul of America.  We have a quote in our office from Martin Luther King, Jr. that sums up this battle, “A threat to Justice anywhere is a threat to Justice everywhere.”   There is never any standing on the sideline for us. We support the fight for justice for George Floyd, his family, and the Black Community. The Haggard Law Firm is committed to ending racism in this country once and for all!

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