The Haggard Law Firm’s Douglas McCarron has secured a $10 Million settlement in a negligent security case. Several details of the case are confidential per terms of the settlement.

The Haggard Law Firm’s client was driving through the apartment complex on his way to meet a friend. As John Doe drove he heard shots, a bullet pierced through the trunk of his car and struck him in his lower back. Doe immediately lost sensation in his lower extremities, and he was unable to control or stop his vehicle before it crashed into parked cars in the parking lot.

The property, owned and managed by the defendants, had a long and extensive history of violent crime. Despite this history, the property had zero security measures in place. The Haggard Law Firm alleged that the defendants were negligent for failing to provide real and competent security, failing to maintain the premises, and failing to implement any security measures that would prevent and deter crime.

At only 27 years of age, John Doe suffered catastrophic injuries leaving him a paraplegic. These injuries will cause a significant amount of pain and suffering as well as life-altering medical issues for the remainder of his life.

Has your loved one been catastrophically injured or killed during a crime on the property of a business, apartment complex, mall, or other commercial property locations?

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The Haggard Law Firm has litigated nearly 300 cases involving the failure to provide adequate security resulting in the victim suffering severe injuries and/or death.

Since 2007, The Firm has handled earned over $500 Million in verdicts and settlements in those cases.

Establishments such as bars, restaurants, flea markets, shopping centers, nursing homes, banks, hotels, and apartment buildings have all been subjects of successfully litigated negligent security claims. By representing individuals permanently injured in cases stemming from negligent security, we take an active role in making the community safe for the public.

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