The Haggard Law Firm’s Michael Haggard and Adam Finkel together with Michael Davis of Boone & Davis, obtained a $2 Million total settlement in a dram shop case that involved the death of a police officer.

On February 16, 2019, Curtis Woolwine went out drinking in Broward County. He began the evening at Billy’s Tavern (Happy Hour, LLC) a bar that his wife’s family-owned. After leaving Billy’s, at around 11:40 p.m., Woolwine stumbled into Round Up Country, continued drinking, and was ultimately thrown out for acting inappropriately towards women. It is believed that Woolwine was trying to drive home when he ended up traveling in the wrong direction of Interstate 75. Tragically, he crashed his car into Steven Greco a Miccosukee police officer on his way home from work. They both died. Steven is survived by his wife, Phoebe, and their daughter, Gianna.

In order to prove that Billy’s Tavern and Round Up Country were liable, it needed to be proven that the establishments knew that Woolwine was habitually addicted to alcohol, but served him anyway. Because Woolwine’s wife’s family owned Billy’s Tavern, they could not deny knowing Woolwine, and Michael Davis’ pre-suit $1 Million policy limit demand was accepted. In order to prove that Round Up was liable, suit was filed and litigation proceeded. Finkel and Haggard knew that proving that the staff at the Davie, Florida bar knew that Woolwine was a habitual drunkard wouldn’t be easy. Round Up denied knowing Woolwine, so The Haggard Law Firm’s attorneys focused on the patrons that were with Woolwine that evening, Round Up’s complete lack of training regarding how to identify a person that is habitually addicted to alcohol, and other people that knew Woolwine’s drinking habits. Ultimately, after the taking of depositions by The Haggard Law Firm, Round Up agreed to tender its $ 1 Million policy limit.

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