FORT MYERS FL – Florida Highway Patrol announced 4 people were injured and one person was arrested after a traffic accident Thursday afternoon.

The crash happened as a 63 year old man from Punta Gorda driving a Crane Truck southbound on Treeline Avenue, approaching the intersection with Global Parkway.

Following behind the large truck was a sedan driven by a 19 year old man from Lehigh Acres, traveling with two passengers, a 16 year old girl and a 1 year old boy.

At 12:00:00 PM, the crane truck lawfully attempted a U-turn on Treeline Avenue at the intersection with Global Parkway, making a wide turn to allow for the large size of the vehicle. The sedan came up on the turning truck at speed, failed to slow down and attempted to avoid the turning truck by swerving away from the vehicle.

The front of the sedan crashed into the rear of the truck as the truck was turning causing the truck to veer toward the left and overturn onto it’s left side before coming to a stop on the northbound lanes of Treeline Avenue and the sidewalk on the east side of the road.

After the impact the sedan rotated and came to a stop facing northeast remaining in southbound lanes of Treeline Avenue.

The one year old boy, and sixteen year old girl, suffered minor injuries in the crash. Both the driver of the sedan, and the driver of the crane truck also suffered minor injuries in the accident.

The driver of the sedan was cited for careless driving and taken into custody for Contempt of court for a separate domestic violence injunction Protection order.