I get this question a lot. So, in my experience, there is no wrong or right way to respond after an accident. An accident is just that: ACCIDENT. This is not an opportunity to try to get over on an insurance company or make up a pain. The purpose of an insurance claim is to ensure that the plaintiff (the not the at-fault party) to be made whole. This simply means that you receive medical treatment for you to become a functional person of society and that any property damage is repaired (or if it is totaled out, the insurance company will issue a check for the fair market value of the vehicle). First and foremost, contact lawyer, even at the scene of the accident. Most accident lawyer provide free consultation. Please do not feel pressured to have a law firm represent you.

1. If you are hurt, call the ambulance. Often, I get calls about property damage. In an auto

accident you have two claims: Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Furthermore, injuries

can occur minutes after the accident and then be prolonged or reappear days or weeks

after the accident.

2. Take pictures of the accident. A lot of times, a police report will have a diagram o the

accident. However, the officer usually does not take picture. You want take pictures of your

vehicle, the other person’s vehicle, the environment around the accident, etc.

3. Obtain information:

a. You can get information from the other driver

b. Name, phone number, and email address from witnesses

c. Officer’s name, badge number, and accident report number

4. Seek medical treatment if you haven’t visited the hospital directly after the accident. I

typically recommend going to your primary care physician and receiving an MRI. Your PCP

has a history of your health. And will know quickly if there is something is majorly wrong

with your body.


Reach to an attorney for free consultation even directly after an accident.

~ Attorney Ronnie O’Brien Rice, Ph.D.

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