Pedestrian accidents happen all too often in the Sunshine State. According to the FLHSMV, there were 9,736 such crashes in 2019. They caused 1,524 incapacitating injuries and 6,369 other injuries. These unfortunate events also led to 734 pedestrian fatalities. Those numbers are unacceptable, but because of so many people being in a single state at any given time, accidents are possible. Just look at some of the recent headlines from the area.

• News4Jax – FHP: Two People Struck By Speeding Pickup In Hilliard
• Orlando Sentinel On – Driver Killed, Pedestrian Injured In Christmas Day Crash Near Aloma
• Patch – Troopers Seek Audi Involved In Fatal Hit-And-Run Crash
• WINK News – Fort Myers Man Seriously Injured In Crash

Many times, driver negligence is to blame for pedestrian accidents. Perhaps a motorist gets behind the wheel intoxicated, or maybe they were reading a text and took their eyes off the road. Whatever the case may be, the victim may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent party to recover compensation for their wounds. Various factors determine the amounts, such as the severity of the injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. 

Families that lose loved ones in the events can also seek restitution. Doing nothing could be a recipe for disaster, as that might leave them on the hook for medical bills and funeral expenses. Plaintiffs must be able to prove negligence occurred and that it caused the damages. Those are not easy tasks, to say the very least.

Thankfully, We Are Here To Help Floridians

Our partners have recovered more than $500 million for accident victims. Of course, that figure raises with each successful case and will continue to do so if we have anything to say about it. Pedestrian accidents are not always cut and dry. It can take some investigating sometimes to discover what happened. That is where our team comes into play. We build strong, evidence-based cases with witness statements, traffic camera footage, and accident reports.

The firm also dives into driving histories, medical records, and cell phone statements to acquire proof. We even work with various experts to recreate accidents as needed. In other words, there are plenty of tools in our toolbox to fight on your behalf. The lawyers always prepare for trial, but accident claims can often be settled out of court. Insurance companies would rather come to agreements than let us get in front of judges and juries with our injured clients. 

That doesn’t mean they turn loose of hefty sums easily, though. The organizations have attorneys that do nothing but try to discredit injury claims.

They delay negotiations hoping injured pedestrians run out of money. Unfortunately, they are often successful too. Then, victims wind up settling for way less than what they deserve. These professionals even go as far as to shift some or all of the blame onto plaintiffs. That can lead to some claims getting thrown out altogether.

Insurance companies and their legal teams don’t have peoples’ best interests in mind. For them, it is all about the money and not spending it. Don’t allow these individuals to take advantage of you or your family. Instead, take the fight to them by hiring an injury attorney from our firm. We bring teamwork, experience, and personal attention to the table. The firm also has the resources to take your case to trial if necessary. 

Some organizations don’t, and that can pose a big problem. That is enough tooting our own horn. Just know that if you get injured in a pedestrian accident, trustworthy and reputable representation is only a phone call away.