There is nothing more terrible that can happen to a Florida Suncoast resident than the loss of a loved one well before their time. It is even more traumatic if that death was a needless one, caused by someone else’s carelessness. When that kind of death occurs, even if it was an accident and not a crime, the law is on the side of the surviving family.

Wrongful death lawsuits are ways for families to compensation, in the form of financial “damages” back from the people or organization responsible. But what does compensation mean in this sense? Here are the types of economic damage that can be garnered in the case of wrongful death.

Lost Wages

If the deceased was gainfully employed and made crucial financial contributions to the family’s well-being, this is also the responsibility of the negligent parties. This assessment will vary a lot depending on the circumstances of the surviving family and the type of salary earned by the deceased.

Medical Bills

If the deceased underwent medical treatment before passing away, then the bills for that medical treatment would typically be passed onto family members. In this case, however, the negligent parties responsible for the subsequent injury, medical treatment, and death would be accountable for covering these expenses.

Loss Of Services

In some instances, beyond the financial role that a family member played, there were other real-world functions the person fulfilled. If a deceased family member was also responsible for cleaning, security, accounting, or even child care, the cost of these expenses from third parties could be factored in as well.

Injury Damages

If the deceased had qualified for a personal injury lawsuit before passing, then these injury damages can also be included in a wrongful death lawsuit. The usual conditions, such as medical cost, lost wages, or pain and suffering, apply.

Your Lost Wages

If you had to take time out of your own career obligations to mourn, handle funeral matters and care for surviving children, then your own lost salary is something you can get back. Situations, where there is no paid time off can be devastating for a household with no choice but to take that time off. A wrongful death lawsuit can include those lost wages and assign them to the responsible parties to make up the difference.

Funeral Costs

If another person, group, or organization is responsible for a loved one’s death, it should not be the surviving family that shoulders the burden of the funeral. Whether it’s a burial or a cremation, the funeral costs for the victim can be transferred over to the responsible parties instead.

If you’re in Southwest Florida and recently suffered the loss of a family member due to someone else’s negligence. Get the justice you deserve. Talk to an experienced wrongful death attorney to get a case evaluation, find out what your next moves should be, and get the compensation that will help you to eventually recover from this traumatic period in your family’s life.