With summer vacation season in full swing throughout Florida’s southwest west coast, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road and especially on pedestrians who may be crossing these roads. Ideally, pedestrians will cross within crosswalks, after checking to make sure the road is clear, and only when signage allows them to cross. However, distracted tourists will sometimes make mistakes. Finding yourself in an accident with a pedestrian tourist is a stressful and traumatizing experience and one that is best solved with the assistance of a skilled Florida personal injury and accident lawyer.

A few tips for keeping pedestrians safe while you’re on the road during this year’s tourist season are:

  • Keep vigilant in the dark – According to the NHTSA, 75% of all fatal pedestrian accidents occur after dark, with 50% of these occurring between 6pm and 12am. While you’re driving on the road, other vehicles will have their lights on to ensure you’re visible to them and that they’re visible to you. Because of these lights, it’s not difficult to see vehicles coming even from far away. Pedestrians not wearing reflective gear will be difficult to see until it’s too late, so keeping vigilant around neighborhoods, tourist spots, and intersections while you’re driving at night can help you to avoid a pedestrian-related accident.
  • Alcohol is a serious factor in pedestrian-related accidents – There are plenty of places to sit back, relax, and party a bit in Southwest Florida. 49% of pedestrian-related accidents involve alcohol of some kind, and those who may have been drinking are less likely to look both ways or pay attention to signage before crossing the street. While driving through regions where bars, clubs, and lounges are popular, drive slowly and be diligent about what is going on all around your vehicle.
  • Florida is a high-risk state for pedestrians– The states with the highest rate of pedestrian-related accidents are California, Texas, and Florida. Pedestrian-related accidents are more common in Florida than in other states, and this is something to keep in mind particularly during the tourist seasons.
  •  Always slow down or stop anyway – When you see a crosswalk that appears empty, it might seem like it makes sense to just keep on cruising through. Oftentimes children are quick and difficult to see, and they’ll run right through a crosswalk believing that vehicles are prepared to stop for them or not thinking much at all. It pays for drivers to always slow and be prepared to stop when approaching crosswalks that appear empty.
  •  Consider the weather – Weather plays a big role in pedestrian-related accidents. A pedestrian might be running across a road in heavy rain and they’ll be difficult to see for drivers. When weather conditions are rainy or foggy, take it extra slow, keep your lights on, and be cognizant of the potential for pedestrians crossing the road.

What To Do

If you do find yourself in a pedestrian-related accident, your first step should be to call on an experienced personal injury and auto accident lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to walk you through the process to ensure that the outcome is fair to your situation. In some instances, the pedestrian might be deemed at fault, or cases may get messy, and your lawyer will be there to get you through the experience with calm confidence.

To learn more about what you can do if you’ve been involved in a pedestrian-related accident, contact us at JusticePays.com today.