In 2021 there were over 34 school shootings according to Education Week. That is the highest we’ve seen in gun-related violence among adolescents since 2018.

With the divide in how to best handle school re-opening during the pandemic, school staff have been indecisive on whether to return. As a parent, you might be concerned about what that means for the safety of your child.

At Accident Lawyers Firm, our personal injury attorney is an advocate for school safety. Parents whose children have been in harms way or not provided with a safe environment have a right to sue the school for negligent security. California schools must abide by state and federal laws to safeguard every student. Failing to do so makes the district liable for negligence that inevitably causes someone to suffer an injury.

What is Considered as Negligent Security?

Reaching out to a skilled injury attorney is crucial if your child has gotten hurt after a school accident. Cases – especially those involving minors – must prove four elements.

Demonstrate the school had a legal responsibility to protect everyone within its walls from kids to administrative staff.

Have evidence proving the school failed to maintain safe conditions on the premises, as it is a breach of duty.

Establish negligence. Because the school failed to ensure your child’s safety, they suffered injury.

Prove that having adequate security would have made a significant difference and prevented the accident from happening.

California Prohibits Firearm Possession

It is against the law for students, teachers, administrators, or visitors to bring any weapon on the grounds of any school in California. It doesn’t matter if the gun was loaded or unloaded. Unfortunately, without proper security it is more likely that someone sustains an injury.

If you need to sue a school for negligent security, you can call our firm today.