cubanmark-150x150While some individuals with jaw-dropping wealth have pushed into showy extremes of shooting themselves and their pals into outer space or dropping hundreds of millions of dollars on yachts or Manhattan penthouses, a tech mogul and pro basketball franchise-owning billionaire is winning attention by attempting something different, challenging, and potentially beneficial to regular folks in great need: He is trying to make skyrocketing prescription drug prices affordable.

The Cost Plus Drug startup by entrepreneur Mark Cuban (shown above) could not only benefit individuals but also the federal government, providing Medicare an estimated $4 billion in 2020 savings on the cost of generic meds.

Those aren’t figures hyped by the imagination of the Texas billionaire’s publicists. They were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, based on research by three MD-Ph. D.s in part of the medicine department at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Hussain Saleem Lalani, the lead author of the study, told NBC News this of the research findings: