MANATEE COUNTY – Florida Highway Patrol announced a semi-truck driver was seriously hurt after, two tractor-trailers collided on State Road 70 near County Line Road.

The accident occurred as a 52-year-old man from Sebring Florida was driving a semi-tractor-trailer heading westbound on State Road 70 toward the intersection with County Line Road.

At the same time, a second semi-tractor-trailer was directly following the first truck, driven by a 73-year-old man from Tampa Florida.

The first semi-truck slowed as it approached the intersection with County Line Road as the truck’s driver was intending to turn left, from SR 70 onto County Line Road.

As the first heavy truck slowed, the second semi maneuvered to attempt to pass the first semi and overtake the truck on SR 70.

However, at 10:00:00 AM, the first semi attempted to make its left turn and entered the left lane where the semi crashed into the other truck as it was attempting to pass them.

The truck that was trying to pass the left-turning vehicle was forced off the roadway, the force of the collision causing the semi to overturn.

Semi Truck Crash Seriously Injures Truck Driver On State Road 70

The 73-year-old man driving the overturned semi was seriously injured in the crash, and taken to a local hospital for emergency medical treatment.

FHP has stated that the crash remains under investigation.