A recent consumer product safety commission announcement is crucial for all new parents who may have purchased a new baby bottle for themselves via the online retailer Amazon. If you’ve bought a baby bottle from Amazon recently, it may pose a potentially lethal health hazard for your baby.

Too Much Lead

The bottle in question is manufactured by a company known as NUK, a German company that produces baby products. It has now been found that one specific product, the NUK First Choice, 240 ml glass baby bottle, has markings on the outside resembling stars. Those markings are made with a lead content that exceeds US Federal safety standards. If a young child should lick and consume those outside markings, this can potentially lead to lead poisoning, resulting in possible sickness or even death.

These bottles were not initially intended to be sold within North America. They were intended for United Kingdom sale only, but an Amazon third-party vendor inadvertently sold them, resulting in about 100 bottles being sold in the United States, with another 77 sold in Canada. Both countries are now issuing recalls for the product.

If you’ve bought a NUK baby bottle recently, and it is a glass—not plastic—bottle with stars on it, you may have one of the affected products. While the third-party vendor is now taking steps to try to inform purchasers of the recall, if you feel you have purchased one of these bottles but have not yet received notice, you can take action to surrender the bottle yourself.

Defective Products Are A Legal Liability

As with being harmed by the negligence of poor property management, a defective product that injures someone means the product manufacturers may owe the accident victim compensation. Defects can occur in products as early as the planning stage, with a flawed design, at the manufacturing stage, where an issue crept in while the product was being fabricated, or sometimes even during shipping, such as when food is improperly stored, and degrades, becoming unsafe for consumption.

When this happens, and it can be proven that harm was caused by the carelessness or negligence of the product manufacturer, and there is verifiable evidence to support this claim, this is a case of personal injury due to a defective product. A product manufacturer’s legal responsibility is to ensure that a product should be safe to use, provided that customers follow all designated guidelines for proper product usage.

Get What You’re Owed

If you or someone you know has been injured while using a product, and that injury was due to a defect in the product talk to a lawyer. Defective products can result in injury and sometimes even death, as was the case with the Takata airbag situation, where hundreds of Americans were injured during accidents as the airbags exploded instead of safely inflating to prevent injury.

A personal injury attorney with experience in defective products can quickly help you understand your options and, more importantly, what steps need to be taken to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.