One of the unfortunate things that can happen after an auto accident in Florida is to be fooled and taken advantage of by insurance companies in your moment of vulnerability. This may seem unbelievable to some, especially after being talked into trusting them during your insurance application. The truth is being taken advantage of is common and you would not even know it until you’ve agreed on a lowballed settlement. While deliberately done, they are not obvious and outright. Knowing the signs will help you avoid this situation. Many personal injury lawyers have already dealt with these cases.

When insurance companies start doing these things below, be wary and extra vigilant.

• Acting Like A Friend And Confidant – One of the reasons why car accident survivors fail to notice that they are slowly being manipulated into making the wrong decision is that insurance companies act like their strongest allies. When emotions are running high and everyone’s patience is running thin, insurance providers could smoothly interject in some “friendly” advice that could compel you to make rash decisions, lowering the value of your claim or preventing you from acquiring full coverage.

For instance, they are quick to offer to pay for other expenses that are not covered by Florida’s mandated PIP. This will help them avoid paying for the whole and real amount after the real total of your medical expenses has been computed.

• Putting The Blame On You – While not outright accusing you as the responsible entity for the accident, a carefully engineered and leading conversation could make you admit fault even when it is not true. In some cases, even victims end up being convinced that they are, indeed, somewhat at fault. When insurance companies successfully bring out this kind of statement from you, this would greatly lower the amount that they are supposed to pay on behalf of their client. In some cases, it even cancels out the need to pay for compensation as the claim becomes questionable and invalid.

If conversing with insurance companies is unavoidable, limit your words as much as possible and firmly stand your ground. It is also best to let your lawyers do the talking.

• Downplaying The Seriousness Of Your Injuries – Serious medical injuries cost a lot, especially when you suffer not only one but multiple complications after the accident. Insurance companies could downplay your injuries to lower the costs, and they can do this a number of ways. First, they could try to argue that your injuries stemmed from pre-existing medical conditions, taking it away from the list of the things they need to pay for. Second, they could say that your delayed filing for a claim or medical assistance means that they are not that serious.

Whatever means they try, your medical history, hospital records, and doctor’s statements can prove them otherwise so be sure to have these documents at the ready.

• Convince You To Agree To A Settlement – Going to a court trial can take long, but it means that all your claims will be computed correctly and fairly. It also ensures that you will receive them. Insurance companies could use the long trial period to convince you to agree to a settlement, which offers a lower value but ensures that you will receive it instantly. Before agreeing to anything, discuss this with your lawyer and listen to their advice.

With all that said, you do not have to engage in negotiations or a conversation with insurance providers. Let your personal injury lawyer represent you and they can discuss things on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome.