The Covid-19 pandemic has complicated the already difficult efforts to combat substance abuse: New reports affirm how opioid abuse and drug overdoses are soaring, and vaping, while showing favorable declines for the first time in years, also may be creating a hard-core group of nicotine-addicted young people.
With powerful painkillers, the Wall Street Journal reported:
“Counties in states spanning

SARASOTA – Florida Highway Patrol announced one person died after being struck by a pick up truck on Bee Ridge Road Tuesday morning.

The accident took place as a 37 year old man from Sarasota was walking northbound attempting to cross the six lanes of traffic of Bee Ridge Road about 250 feet west of Beneve Road.

As the man

On September 14, 2020, New Jersey Governor Murphy signed important legislation that benefits all workers who contracted COVID-19 while working through the current pandemic. The legislation creates the presumption that the contracted illness is “work related.” Before this legislation was signed, only “public safety workers” such as police, fire, EMT, and medical personnel, were granted this presumption.

When we talk of auto accidents in Florida, we talk about each driver’s fault or one driver’s negligence. Most personal injury cases are filed against individuals. However, what is not often mentioned is that if the at-fault individual was performing duties for their job at the time of the accident, the plaintiff may be able to hold their employer liable