Americans’ Thanksgiving holiday traveling, socializing, and  shopping resumed with vigor, near pre-pandemic norms. And yet:

Of the 6,756,000 motor vehicle crashes reported in 2019, over 164,000 involved large trucks. 
Furthermore, in 2019, 97% of the people killed in accidents involving semi-trucks were occupants of passenger vehicles. That works out to 2,132 reported deaths. 
In the same year, 72 truck drivers died, making up just 3% of total fatalities.
In semi-truck crashes, injuries are even more

If corporatists are correct and big, wealthy enterprises legally get rights akin to what real folks have, can it also be true that institutions, like people, sometimes just lose their way?
This argument may be evidenced by the tight-fistedness — eased under adverse publicity — of a legendary children’s charitable hospital and the profit-hungry financial schemes of a major

While driving can be enjoyable, there are moments when it becomes stressful. That is often the case when there is congested traffic, especially if you are in a hurry.

Your mood as a driver can affect your behavior. For some drivers, the situation can turn dangerous and cause catastrophic road accidents.
Road Rage: What It Is
Road rage accidents often

On average, drunk driving takes the lives of 28 people a day – one person approximately every hour – according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As someone who abides by California traffic laws, it can feel unfortunate when someone drunkenly crashes into your vehicle. Even more so if you have suffered injuries, substantial damages, even loss. Though criminal

Former governor Andrew Cuomo, who left the New York governor’s office back in August, is now being exposed for “overwhelming evidence” proving that he has sexually harassed at least 12 women, been dishonest in reporting COVID-19 death tolls, and forcing government employees to work on his memoir on the government’s dime.
As reported by NPR, Cuomo and his

Tennessee man, 35 year old Jacob “Jake” Clare, has been arrested in California after kidnapping his 3 year old son and 16 year old niece, as well as sexually assaulting the latter. The son was reported missing, triggering an Amber alert, on November 7th, and Clare was identified by an onlooker who recognized him from surveillance images posted on social

According to the LAPD, over 100 cases of follow-home robberies have been taking place in high-end areas. This includes Hollywood, where, on Tuesday morning, 23-year-old Jose Gutierrez was found dead after trying to come to the aid of a female victim. According to police, the violence and number of guns involved in these types of circumstances are rampling up.

Federal officials have confirmed that 2021 will go in the record books as a calamitous time in the battle against the opioid painkiller abuse and overdose crisis, with more than 100,000 U.S. lives lost this year alone to a long-running public health nightmare.
In case anyone might suffer “compassion fatigue” or fail to see how unacceptable this mess has