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Today, GRGB is recognized as one of the best trial and litigation firms in Wisconsin. Our attorneys have successfully represented individuals and businesses in a wide variety of cases, from white collar criminal investigations and serious criminal offenses, to personal injury and complex civil litigation, to family law and real estate matters. They have earned the respect of the legal community and are recognized for their skill and experience not only by our clients, but also by colleagues, adversaries and judges. GRGB is known for its tradition of honesty, candor and in-depth preparation and presentation.

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By: Attorney Megan Drury
Going through a divorce is difficult enough, but when you suspect your spouse of hiding assets, it can make the process even more complicated and frustrating. Your marital property, which includes all assets and debts that you have acquired during your marriage, should be divided fairly between both parties. Unfortunately, there are many divorce cases where

By: Attorney Adam Schleis
The ability to attend school and receive a quality education is a right provided to all children in the United States. However, this right can sometimes be affected by disciplinary matters that cause school officials to believe that a student should be removed from school. In Wisconsin, specific procedures must be followed before a student can

By: Attorney Chris Strohbehn
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2020, 6,516 people were killed in pedestrian accidents in the United States. This equates to one pedestrian being killed every 81 minutes. In addition, around 55,000 pedestrians suffered non-fatal injuries in motor vehicle collisions. While pedestrian accidents can occur nearly anywhere and at all times of

By: Attorney Megan Drury and Paralegal Ali Jaeger
If you are a parent who receives child support in Wisconsin, these payments may be essential for ensuring that you can provide for your children’s ongoing needs. Unfortunately, enforcement of child support orders put in place by a court is often necessary in cases where non-custodial parents fall behind on payments. The

by Nicole Masnica, Jason Luczak and Adam Schleis
As the world has become digitized, computer fraud and internet fraud are becoming increasingly common. Many people and companies engage in actions that are deceptive and are intentionally fraudulent, which cause users significant harm, such as by stealing confidential, personal and other important information, convincing people to turn over money or