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Hip Implants Gone Wrong
The next hearing session of the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (“JPML”) is scheduled for September 29, 2022, in St. Louis, Missouri.  Five matters are set for oral argument to consider motions to transfer each to one centralized district for coordinated pretrial proceedings, covering a variety of hot topics. The hearing session will cover

Sources of water pollution and freshwater contamination causes.
Camp Lejeune, situated in Jacksonville, NC, was established in 1942 as a Marine Corps Base training facility. Now, Camp Lejeune is listed on the Superfund program’s National Priority List. The United States Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR) declared that exposure to the drinking water at Camp Lejeune from August

Florida’s warm and tropical climate is very inviting for bicyclists who ride their bikes on area roadways. In Florida, bicyclists have the right to ride on the road like a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, sometimes motorists can become irritated when they are hindered by bicyclists traveling on the roadway ahead of them, especially when the motorist is unable to quickly pass

Today’s vehicles have many advanced safety features, some you may not even know about.  One newly approved safety feature that will be available in newer cars being driven on American roadways is the adaptive driving beam (ADB) headlights. ADB headlights utilize advanced switching technology to shine less light on occupied areas of the road and more light on unoccupied areas.

Kids and Way Too Much Screen
American youths never have known a world without the internet, without desktops and laptops and without tablets and cell phones. While advancements in technology have enhanced the academic experience, making learning easier, more immersive and a maybe a little fun, they also come with downsides. One of them is the fact that access to

Some passengers in auto accidents wonder if they have rights. The answer is yes.  
Florida law allows an injured passenger to recover compensation for injuries they sustained in an auto accident case through their Personal Injury Protection insurance. In some situations, a passenger may also hold a negligent party legally and financially responsible for the injuries caused by the accident.

Taking a long road trip through Florida’s breathtaking terrain can be an enjoyable, scenic, and relaxing experience. However, with Florida’s tropical climate, rain may pop up on your blissful road trip without even a moment’s notice. When traveling through Florida’s tropical paradise during Florida’s rainy season, especially when planning for a long road trip, keep in mind certain road safety

Throbbing aches and stiffness along the spine. Numbness and tingling in the muscles.  Excruciating neck, arm, and leg pain. Chronic back pain. Do any of these symptoms describe those you experienced after an auto accident? If so, you are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention because you may be suffering from a herniated disc injury.
If you suffered herniated disc