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West Coast Trial Lawyers Is Available 24/7 to Assist Rideshare Accident Victims

Did you get into an accident with a rideshare driver? Are you planning on pursuing compensation by filing a rideshare accident claim? Our expert rideshare accident lawyers at West Coast Trial Lawyers are readily available to offer legal assistance.

We have more than 100 years of collective legal

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Need Legal Representation From an Uber Accident Lawyer? West Coast Trial Lawyers Is Here to Help

Involved in an accident as an Uber driver? You may have the legal right to file an Uber accident lawsuit against the driver at-fault for damages. Legal representation is an important necessity to incorporate into your lawsuit in order for you to recover compensation

On Kobe Bryant Day, we honored the late basketball player and his daughter, Gianna, by revealing a mural on the West Coast Trial Lawyers headquarters building. Fans of the Bryant family are welcomed to visit the mural, which is located on 1147 South Hope Street in Downtown Los Angeles. 
Our decision to commemorate Bryant and the legacy he left behind

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  Are You Being Discriminated Against Due to Your Pregnancy? West Coast Employment Lawyers Is Here to HelpAt West Coast Employment Lawyers, our employment team has over 50 years of collective legal experience in handling labor and employment cases. We strive to deliver justice to all clients who have been a victim of workplace discrimination, including pregnancy discrimination. Our

 Were You Wrongfully Treated by Your Employer? West Coast Employment Lawyers Is Here to Help! At West Coast Employment Lawyers, we strive to achieve client satisfaction with every case that we handle. We aim to protect victims who experience workplace mistreatment whether it be from a co-worker, employer, or the Human Resources (HR) department. As we continue to achieve

@westcoasttriallawyers Are you guilty of #jaywalking? #jaywalk #personalinjury #personalinjurylawyer #jaywalker #personalinjurycase #personalinjuryclaim #personalinjurylaw #legalhelp #legaltips #losangeleslawyer #la #caraccident #hitbyacar ♬ original sound – WestCoastTrialLawyersWest Coast Trial Lawyers Is Here to HelpJaywalking is a common action that is performed by pedestrians on a daily basis. Although it gives them a shortcut to reach their destination quicker, it is dangerous to

 West Coast Trial Lawyers Is Here to HelpIt is very common for people to feel overwhelmed after getting into a car accident. Oftentimes, the fear and adrenaline rush restricts a car accident victim from reacting to the situation in a way that could help them in the long run. For instance, collecting photographic evidence of your injuries or obtaining witness