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Many residents of Venice and Sarasota have opened their homes and lives to dogs as pets. Florida’s warm weather makes the state a great place for people to exercise their dogs and take out for walks or other outdoor activities throughout the year. However, this also means that with so many Floridians owning dogs, taking them outdoors, or even entertaining

Whether it happens within Florida, or in another state under the law, wrongful deaths are deaths that have been caused by negligence. What is negligence? Negligence is defined as a failure to use reasonable care, resulting in damage or injury to another. So, from that definition, it’s easy to see how many different things can be considered negligent. When people

SARASOTA COUNTY – FHP has announced a semi-truck crash in Sarasota on I-75 at mile marker 183, which has blocked the right lanes of traffic. Drivers should avoid northbound Interstate 75 in Sarasota if possible. Florida Highway Patrol has also stated that the crash involves injuries.

Please drive safe, be patient as crews work to help the injured and clear

Plenty of Palmetto citizens have gone out and purchased new vehicles over the last few years. Some individuals may have done so just to have something stylish and sporty parked in their driveways. Meanwhile, others could have been forced into new rides. For instance, their old cars might have broken down, leaving residents in need of transportation to get them

ENGLEWOOD FL – Florida Highway Patrol has announced that three people are seriously injured and two people are dead after an auto accident in southern Sarasota Monday evening.

According to the report, The first sport utility vehicle driven by a 25-year-old man from Englewood, Florida was traveling south on Indiana Avenue, on the outside lane, north of Artists Avenue.


Auto accidents can happen anywhere, but being an unfortunately common occurrence does not mean you can drop your guard down when driving around Florida’s cities. In fact, it is one of the top states with high numbers of car accident cases. Before hitting its sunny roads, here are valuable pieces of information that could convince you to be extra careful