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In the last week, nearly 500 people associated with human trafficking and its crimes were arrested across California. Additionally, more than 80 victims of human trafficking were rescued and are receiving aid in order to deal with the abuses. This included at least 8 children.
These were a result of concentrated efforts for the seventh annual “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild”

On Friday, a 37-year-old suspect has been charged with the kidnapping, rape, sodomizing, and murder of his 20-year-old victim. There are also allegations of the victim being bound during the assault. The awful actions are expected to have occurred on January 27, sometime between 11:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m, the latter of these being when the girl was reported missing. 

Just before 9 p.m. Sunday, shortly after the Super Bowl ended, an unidentified person was shot at and injured in East Los Angeles, near Atlantic and Whittier. The events leading up to the altercation and any associated motive are unknown.
It’s suspected that the person who fired the gun shot from inside of their own vehicle and into the victim’s

On Wednesday evening at approximately 6:15 p.m, a 49-year-old mother of 5 was killed in a crash that involved three vehicles in Madera County, California. In addition, her daughter and a man were seriously injured and taken to hospitals.
It is believed that the accident was caused by DUI, when another vehicle made an unexpected left turn, clipping the woman’s

Snoop Dogg (Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) and one of his associates, Bishop Don “Magic” Juan (Donald Campbell), have both been named in a lawsuit that accuses the pair of back to back instances of sexual assault and battery. The woman making these charges has chosen to stay anonymous, identifying only as “Jane Doe” and “the Plaintiff.”
These incidents occured after

On Tuesday, police arrested a 32-year-old man who’s been identified as Aadrian Evelyn. Evelyn has been taken into custody for allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting at least 3 different victims over the last several months.
Apparently, Evelyn was able to do this by sending pictures and texts to different men on a dating app, where he would eventually lure